October’s Gifts, Part 3: Satire, Socks, Fame, And Our Best Endings

I read, therefore I share

Barbara Andres
3 min readOct 22, 2022


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Today I wondered if publishing more author lift-ups than my own work so far this month brands me as lazy. After all, it’s easier to read than to write, and, for the ultimate benefit of my readers, shouldn’t I focus on my own work, hone my craft through practice, and publish my truth?


That’s like saying it’s better if I scratch and scrape the dark recesses of my foggy mind to publish random braying about me, me, me than share rich insights from other Medium writers. It’s good to contribute when you have something worth sharing, but it’s never wrong to showcase others’ work.

To hell with misplaced guilt. Just as I’m not a glutton if I eat, I’m not a sloth if I rest, I’m not lazy if I lift up other writers.

Besides, my head is in a weird place right now and I’m pretty sure I won’t do myself proud publishing my own stuff.

With that, here are four more from across Medium.

1. Satire

Or is it? Is it, really? By Max Klein.

The thing is, nothing is really funny to people who are constantly looking to be offended anyway so who are we catering to?

2. Socked away

Who among us has not wondered and offered our theories? Bev Potter has solved the mystery. Read the sock’s odyssey.

I can no longer bear the regimentation of the dictatorship under which I live. My compatriots are weak of heart and will not join me in my escape. I pity them, balled up in a drawer with no room to breathe, let alone to dream.



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