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Hey, I’m Canadian, eh? Like every other Canuck, I was born in a snow bunny suit with ice skates on my feet and mittens on my hands.

Sorry. I wasn’t. I was born in the Great White North, but my immigrant parents never caught the snow sport bug, so they…


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Shoot first, ask questions later

Carpentry and other trades teach a mantra, “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s easier to prevent a mistake than fix one. A little foresight is better than a lot of hindsight. Don’t shoot first, ask questions later.

Or, think twice, click send once.

For people who work in local government, most…

The Authentic Eclectic

Dodger stadium at sunrise, people getting ready to run a marathon a grain of infinity, medium
Dodger Stadium, March 2015, L.A. Marathon starting line (photo by author — all rights reserved)

I run.

I’ve run nearly 20 marathons and countless half-marathons. Pre-lockdown, I was running three half-marathons and one full (26.2 mile) marathon a year, dragging my whole family to races all over the state of California. Just ask Jessie.

If this makes me sound like one of those crazy people…

a grain of infinity

Making my way through life, one story at a time. Grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair.

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